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Guard against the harsh winter elements and damaging sun by storing your vehicle with Max Speed Cycles. Store your motorcycle or ATV in a climate controlled, secure, and monitored facility for a very reasonable rate. Your vehicle will be started and ran once each week, receive a fuel enzyme treatment to reduce the risk of a gummed and clogged fuel system, and be put on a smart charger like Battery Tender to assist battery life. Roll your first service of the season into the monthly payment ensuring you are ready to ride when the good weather comes. Receive 10% off parts for additional service requested while in storage.

Storage benefits

  • Protection from the elements
  • Prevent fading from long term sun exposure
  • Prevent rodent nesting
  • Fuel additive reducing risk of gummed fuel system
  • Tended battery assisting battery life
  • Temperature controlled facility
  • Secure and monitored facility
  • 10% off parts for service requested while in storage
  • Make payments on spring service while in storage
  • Only $45 a month

Limited spaces available, call now to reserve yours!

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